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For the application form please contact

24th - 25th October 2014


 Bangkok - Thailand

     Workshop setting:

Each participant would prepare up to 3 pieces from baroque era to present. Each singer will be invited to sing chosen pieces, then teacher will work on the vocal technique and musical aspects where the singer needs it most. M. Alberto Firrincieli will accompany singers in the individual sessions with piano or harpsichord, according to their choice.
Teacher will be happy to open workshop to auditors such as voice teachers, repertoire coaches etc., any interested parties are all welcome. At the end of the workshop everyone will be invited in joining a short Q&A session.

      About Singing

Using the experience and insights documented all the way to the earliest existence of good singing, plus modern technology and anatomical understanding; the technique of Old World Singing that I use recaptures the importance of healthy singing and vocal production. Greatly practiced and spread by master pedagogues such as Allan Lindquest, and Francesco Lamperti and his son Giovanni Lamperti, it is passed down today through a network of teachers in direct “inheritance” with these masters, such as David Jones (NYC), Cathy Pope (London), and Janet Williams (Berlin Hans Eisler Hochschule).
The main focus of Old World Singing is vocal health. It is also a wonderful rehabilitation tool for singers who suffered vocal injury such as polyps and nodules. Working with the full body breathing, posture, and body awareness, a singer learns to find the best efficient vocal production and allow the individual voice to come through. It is extremely thorough in its approach to healthy singing.


   Singaporean soprano, Wendy Woon, classical coloratura soprano by training, is sought after both as a performer and trainer in the singing voice. Originally trained as a pianist, violinist, chinese woodwind player and percussionist, Wendy’s journey through music has been richly diverse and varied. After many years spent on stage as an instrumentalist, she found her calling as a singer in Monteverdi’s opera Ballo della ingrate. This performance has led Wendy to discover her love for early music, and has brought about many highly successful subsequent collaborations and concerts in the early music repertoire of Dowland, Purcell, F. Couperin, Handel, J.S. Bach and more. Wendy also has sung roles of Cleopatra, Rodelinda, Morgana, Juliet, and much more from the operatic traditions.
Gifted with a voice that is silvery, warm and fluid, Wendy has captivated audiences with the Lieder of Schubert, Wolf, Obradors, in early music repertoire of Dowland, Purcell, F. Couperin, Handel, J.S. Bach; in operatic roles of Cleopatra, Rodelinda, Morgana, Juliet, to name a few; as well as with the music of 20th Century composers such as Samuel Barber and Ned Rorem. Her most recent and well-received venture into modern music was as the “innocently schizophrenic” Alice in The Wonderland Songs, a song cycle written by Singaporean composer Jeremiah Li.
Wendy currently works as both a voice teacher and a performer. Her students range widely from classical singers, to the musical stage, as well as jazz and pop. She was thoroughly trained in the rehabilitative techniques of the singing voice, by master pedagogues David Jones, and Janet Williams, and is currently the only voice coach in Singapore working with the Swedish-Italian method as founded by Alan Lindquest. She counts amongst her achievements, the restoring of full health to numerous damaged voices, and enjoys working tirelessly to face new challenges her students bring.
Trained in Europe, Wendy still maintains performance engagements in Berlin, and tours parts of Europe, while keeping an active teaching schedule in Singapore.


 Masterclass will be held at

Yamaha Music School

Fortune Town - Ratchadapisek Road

Underground Floor (MRT Phra Ram 9, exit 1)

Bangkok - Thailand (02-245-7717-9)




Please send your payment 

(Effective students: 2,500 Baht - Auditor: 200 Baht) 

before September 30, 2014 to:


Siam Kolkarn Ratchadapisek Music School

Account No. 132-466124-6

Bank: Bangkok Bank -Branch: Bangsue


โรงเรียนดนตรีสยามกลการ รัชดาภิเษก เลขที่บัญชี 132-466124-6

ธนาคารกรุงเทพ สาขาบางซื่อ ประเภทบัญชี ออมทรัพย์


kindly email or fax your pay-in or transfer slip to


It will be refunded in full only in case of cancellation of the Masterclass.

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