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learn piano in a new, funny and fruitful way

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      Piano Music Labs are open to beginner, intermediate and advanced students who wish to learn music in a very efficient way. Based on accredited teaching methods used by some of the most important musicians of the past, PML aims to lead students to the real understanding of the music. Musical instrumental practice of music instrument will be completed with the study of improvisation, composition, theory, keyboard technique and sight-reading, as essential requirements for musicians’ completeness.

During classes, particular attention will be also given to practice methods (how to learn a music piece) and an historical approach to different music styles (baroque, classic, romantic, modern). For this reason, practice on a real harpsichord will take place alongside the study of the piano.


Students will enhance their musical skills with awareness and independence, avoiding any kind of useless mechanical repetition. They will develop a strong and secure learning method. Students will be taught individually, in regards of their own uniqueness and character. Preparation for exams, audition and/or competition may be included in the class according to student’ requests.




Individual classes: one 60 minutes class or two 45 minutes classes per week, according to students’ availability. According to availability, group classes and students performances will be scheduled during the year. Classes and all other activities will be held at Siam Ratchada Music School.




Students will have opportunity to:
- Join masterclasses with international teachers at a reduced price.
- Join group class and seminars arranged by IKA for free.
- Attend performances of the Bangkok international Piano Festival @ Siam Ratchada Auditorium for free (parents will be able to attend at a reduced price).

                      … and more…

Students will have their own webpage in the website and their Facebook page to collect pictures, videos, memories, experiences.



60 minutes class (one class per week) 6,000 Baht x 4 classes

45 minutes class (two classes per week) 8,000 Baht x 8 classes


                     About the teacher:

Alberto Firrincieli is specialized in music teaching and piano pedagogy. He graduated in Piano, Harpsichord, Composition and Electronic Music in Conservatory of Parma (Italy). He continued his education. graduating in Musicology in the University of Pavia (Italy). He has performed many recitals for important institutions in Europe and Asia. He regularly plays piano and harpsichord recitals as solo and with orchestra. He is the Artistic Director of IKA – International Keyboard Academy. He is currently full-time lecturer of the Department of Music Performance at the Assumption University of Thailand, where he teaches Harpsichord, Counterpoint and History of Western Music. He is regularly invited to hold conferences and workshops in international universities and institutions.


                     Academic Articles written by the author:


- Modern piano teaching and practice methods: considerations and comparisons with language learning

presented at INTE, Barcelona (Spain), 10-12 June 2015


- J. S. Bach, something we should know

presented at International Symposium, Princess Galyani Institute, Bangkok (Thailand), 9-11 September 2015


- Mistake in music, a first attempt of study

presented at SMEI conference, Dublin (Ireland), 6-8 November 2015


- Maieutics: a teaching and learning approach as applied to western music
presented at 7th International Conference on Intercultural Education Universidad de Almeria - Almeria (Spain), 15-17 June 2016


 - Exploring hidden potentials of eighteenth-century Italian keyboard works

presented at International Symposium "Music and Socio-Cultural Development of ASEAN" Princess Galyani Institute - Bangkok (Thailand), 7-9 September 2016

- Phenomenological and Maieutic approach applied to teaching & learning methodologies in Asian cultures: some preliminary considerations

presented at International Symposium "L'ALTROFESTIVAL - Sergiu Celibidache Venti anni dopo" Associazione ARS ET LABOR - Perugia (Italy), 28-30 October 2016


- Beethoven and papaya salad: Western Music in Asian countries

presented at 39th Conference of the Musicological Society in Australia "Shift and Turns: Moving Music, Musicans and Ideas" University of Adelaide - Adelaide (Australia), 30 November-3 December 2016

- Why study Harpsichord today - Online article available on this link


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