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   C O N F E R E N C E S





    A new approach to the understanding and study of J. S. Bach's Inventions

presented at Baroque Music Symposium, Royal Musical Association (SEA Chapter) - NAFA
Singapore, 24 March 2018

    Appreciation of Classic Music

presented at Tammasart University - Faculty of Law

Bangkok (Thailand), 24 February 2017


    Connection between Classical Music and Christianity

presented at Princess Galyani Wadhana Music Institute

Bangkok (Thailand), 20 February 2017


   The importance of a correct approach in music (for both professional musicians and amateurs) to guarantee a stable lifelong benefit

presented at 3rd International Conference on lifelong education and leadership for all - Escola Superior de Educacao do Porto

Porto (Portugal), 12-14 September 2017

   Music and numbers, Myth and religious belief in J. S. Bach's music as essential elements of a proper pedagogical approach

presented at International Symposium "Music and Socio-Cultural Development of ASEAN" Princess Galyani Institute

Bangkok (Thailand), 30 August - 1 September 2017

   A (new?) pedagogical approach: from the music to the score

presented at Australian Piano Pedagogy Conference, Keys to Changing the World - University of Adelaide

Adelaide (Australia), 10-14 July 2017

   Learning classical music through improvisation: (a new approach?) Instructions for use
presented at International Conference on Education and new Developments

Lisbon (Portugal), 24-26 June 2017




   Beethoven and papaya salad: Western Music in Asian countries

presented at 39th Conference of the Musicological Society in Australia - "Shift and Turns: Moving Music, Musicans and Ideas" - University of Adelaide

Adelaide (Australia), 30 November-3 December 2016

   Phenomenological and Maieutic approach applied to teaching & learning methodologies in Asian cultures: some preliminary considerations
presented at International Symposium "L'ALTROFESTIVAL - Sergiu Celibidache Venti anni dopo" Associazione ARS ET LABOR

Perugia (Italy), 28-30 October 2016

   Exploring hidden potentials of eighteenth-century Italian keyboard works

presented at International Symposium "Music and Socio-Cultural Development of ASEAN" Princess Galyani Institute

Bangkok (Thailand), 7-9 September 2016


   Maieutics: a teaching and learning approach as applied to western music
presented at 7th International Conference on Intercultural Education - Universidad de Almeria

Almeria (Spain), 15-17 June 2016



   Mistake in music, a first attempt of study

presented at 5th conference of Society of Music Education In Ireland - Conservatory of Music and Drama

Dublin (Ireland), 6-8 November 2015


   J. S. Bach, something we should know
presented at  International Symposium "Classical Music of ASEAN on the World Stage" - Princess Galyani Institute

Bangkok (Thailand), 9-11 September 2015

   Modern piano teaching and practice methods: considerations and comparisons with language learning

presented at International Conference on New Horizons in Education

Barcelona (Spain), 10-12 June 2015